About Sucker
Sexy, Wild Rock & Roll
         SUCKER is sexy, wild rock and roll founded by Candi Vee (bass, vocals) and hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Sucker finished its second EP in the summer of 2012 “one of the most dangerously rocking local spins in recent memory” and officially released its first full length album on March 15, 2013. 

         Sucker’s sound has been described as “the perfect bridge between old-school, safety-pin-through-the-cheek punk attitude and ballsy heavy metal assault". The music is riffy, energetic, and wrought with themes of rampant self-indulgence including the archetypal "sex,drugs and rock & roll". “I like to make music I would want to hear on a night out. Rock and roll is a lifestyle. It’s very hedonistic and I like to reflect that in my music,” says Candi Vee when asked to describe her music and motivation. 

         Ever been to a Sucker show? Its a treat akin to its name. Show-goers are showered with lollipops - a sweet symbol of the dirty decadence that is Sucker.  The bravest of spectators can become a part of the show itself: every night a lucky lady is crowned the official "Amphetamine Queen" of the evening, a title that boasts the right to strut around in a shiny tiara for the rest of the night.

        The band is currently performing in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey to promote that album release and is in the beginning stages of recording a new EP.

Sucker opened for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts on April 17, 2014.